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How To Prove a Miracle in Two Easy (and One Impossible) Steps

Catholic outreach website Strange Notions, recently presented the story of a miracle. It asserts that Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manuel Nevado had stage 3 radiodermetitis which was cancerous and incurable, but within weeks of his obtaining a prayer card related to … Continue reading

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Strange Notions

The website “Strange Notions” is a great website established by Catholic writer, blogger, and speaker Brandon Vogt. It is a pleasant forum for Catholics and other to discuss apologetics, counter-apologetics and atheist perspectives. There are two things that I really … Continue reading

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On Materialism and Scientism

In a recent post on Catholic apologist website Strange Notions, priest and amateur movie critic Fr Robert Baron discusses a number of concerns he has with the kind of arguments he encounters on YouTube. One of his complaints is the … Continue reading

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