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10 – Secularism – A Salmon of Doubt Podcast

On THIS episode of A Salmon of Doubt Podcast We Have No News! Secularism Discission Quebec Charter of Values Prophecy Potential Prediction Playing-around Isaiah “Prophecies” Aaron Ra on Prophecy Holy Bible Time Matt Slick tries to show Isaac is Jesus

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The Argument from Evil.

I had planned to post some counter-apologetics here in advance of discussing them on the podcast. Four episodes late, but I am now getting started. Among the most popular reasons cited for atheism is the “Problem of Evil”. Like most … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Upholds City Council Prayer Ban

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that a bi-law setting out and regulating prayer at the outset of city council meetings in Saguenay Quebec violates guarantees of freedom of religion. Like in Big M Drug Mart, the Court saw … Continue reading

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Is There a God? Why It Matters to Atheists

I am going to devote a number of posts on the question of the existence of gods and I am currently working on a podcast. I’d like to talk about why I am doing this and there are really two … Continue reading

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I Have a Problem with Religion, Not Irrationality.

I do not have a problem with myth, fantasy, imagination,  nonsense, silliness, inspiration, or fiction. I do not even have any inherent problem with arbitrary decision-making, subjectivity, ignoring evidence, or irrational beliefs! I do not think there is anything wrong … Continue reading

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Big M is Kind of a Big Deal

On Sunday, May 30, 1982, police officers of the City of Calgary attended at premises owned by Big M and open to the public. They witnessed several transactions including the sale of groceries, plastic cups and a bicycle lock. Big … Continue reading

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