I am an atheist in Canada. I know something about law.

“Brian Green Adams” is a pseudonym, taken from Brian Eno, Robert Green Ingersol, and Douglas Adams. Three of my favourite atheists. Not to mention The Life of Brian, Brian Green (physicist), Eno’s “Another Green World”, and Adam from Genesis in the Bible.

2 Responses to About

  1. Brian, could you please review this article below and post your comments on the blog for public discussion? I believe it can make you think twice if not change your mind

    the article is at:

  2. I doesn’t. I am also a monist, but monist materialist. I do not think idealism is as reasonable as materialism. Have a look at KnownNoMore’s YouTube channel which pretty sums up my views on idealism, particularly monistic idealism. I do not think idealism solves these questions.

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