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Pure Act Forum

I have been having a discussion in the comment boxes at Strange Notions with an avatar, Andrej Tokarčík. The discussion has outgrown the comment box format and I have offered to continue the discussion here… in comment box format. We … Continue reading

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A Morning Vociferation on Morality (in Response to Counter Apologist’s Call)

The following was too long for Counter Apologist‘s comment box so I have made it into a post! It is an unreflected discharge of my thinking on this subject in furtherance of his eagerly anticipated video. I think trying to … Continue reading

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Christian Law Schools

It would seem that the government of British Columbia has approved of Trinity Western University’s request to house an accredited law school. I think there is zero reason for to add religion to any form of education that is not … Continue reading

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How To Prove a Miracle in Two Easy (and One Impossible) Steps

Catholic outreach website Strange Notions, recently presented the story of a miracle. It asserts that Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manuel Nevado had stage 3 radiodermetitis which was cancerous and incurable, but within weeks of his obtaining a prayer card related to … Continue reading

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