Billy Graham Restates Tired Old Myths and Misconceptions

I thought Billy Graham might be a little more thoughtful and enlightened than to repeat the kind of tired old myths and misrepresentations we hear from Christian Apologists. It is amazing how little I needed to change from this article titled  “Graham: Atheists reject God without exploring the evidence for his existence.” to reverse it completely.

The only thing I really needed to cut out was his simplistic view of definitions. Particularly obtuse was his repeating of the tired old myth that atheism is responsible for human atrocity. I suggest Mr Graham look into the actual himself. Non-Stamp Collector’s Videos are pretty good on this.)

Here is my revision:

Dear Brian G. Adams: Do you think there are more theists today than there used to be? My cousin says he’s been reading some books by theists, and now he’s decided to become one (much to his family’s disgust, I might add). — Mrs. Q.J.

BGA: I don’t know if there are more theists than there used to be, although it’s possible, since there are more people in the world. But it does seem they are more vocal, and because our society is getting more secular their message often gets more of a hearing.

A theist is a person who believes that God exists.  He can’t prove it; he can’t verify it; he can’t demonstrate it. He lives only by faith — faith that he is right, and everyone else is wrong.

Often, however, people who claim to be theists accept God not because they’ve examined all the evidence and concluded there is a God. Instead, they accept God for one reason: They don’t want anyone to interfere with their way of living. Not all theists are bad or immoral; some live commendable lives. But it’s also no accident that some of the worst atrocities in human history were committed by regimes that were based on theism.

Don’t bother to pray for your cousin; no God can convict him of his sin and open his eyes to the truth of reality. Also, try to be an example to him of reason, love and compassion, even if others in your family reject him.


About Brian Green Adams

I am an atheist in Canada. I know something about law. "Brian Green Adams" is a pseudonym, taken from Brian Eno, Robert Green Ingersol, and Douglas Adams. Three of my favourite atheists. Not to mention The Life of Brian, Brian Green (physicist), Eno's "Another Green World", and Adam from Genesis in the Bible. The connection to Brian Adams is an unfortunate coincidence, though I was very fond of him when I was 12.
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